Keyword Research Made Easy eBook Review

Review: Keyword Research Made Easy eBook By Anil Agarwal

Proper keyword research is vital for the growth of your blog.

If you agree with me and don’t know how to apply that research then the following review of Keyword Research Made Easy eBook by Anil Agarwal is for you.

You’ll learn to apply keyword research techniques used by a highly respected blogger who has been in the industry for over 15 years.

Keyword Research Made Easy Review – eBook by BloggersPassion

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What is Keyword Research Made Easy?

Keyword Research Made Easy is an eBook that teaches you how to find profitable keywords to rank in search engines.

The eBook helps you apply vital keyword research practices.

Who is the Creator?

The creator of this eBook is Anil Agarwal of where he blogs about search engine optimization.

Note: Check out my interview with Anil Agarwal on keyword research

He also runs which is a blog dedicated to providing deals and coupons related to web hosting.

He is a digital marketing veteran with over 15 years of experience.

How much is Keyword Research Made Easy?

Keyword Research Made Easy eBook costs Rs 499/-

What’s in the eBook?

The eBook covers the topic of keyword research fairly complete.

Here is a preview of what to expect:

Keyword Research Made Easy TOC 1

Keyword Research Made Easy TOC 2

Keyword Research Made Easy Review: My Experience

After reading this eBook, I got to know how Anil does keyword research for his blogs in detail. And that I found very insightful.

Although I know how to perform keyword research, I found a couple of useful tips to apply in my process.

Does Keyword Research Made Easy Work?

This thing works and I can attest to it.

Because I have applied these techniques and they work for my blog.

Who is Keyword Research Made Easy Good For?

Keyword Research Made Easy is highly recommended for the people getting started.

This eBook is going to provide you with a blueprint for keyword research success.

Who is Keyword Research Made Easy NOT Good For?

If you are already an expert in keyword research then I wouldn’t recommend you buy this eBook.

Also, if you think just getting this eBook your doors to riches would open then no, it is not for you. You need to apply what you learn. That is the only differentiator between success and stagnation.

Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Practical knowledge given by an industry expert
  • Used both both paid and free tools to conduct keyword research

The Bad

  • Keyword research template could be improved and explained better

Buyer Testimonials

Buyer Testimonials

Keyword Research Made Easy Review: Conclusion

Keyword Research Made Easy is a fantastic resource to learn and start the practice of keyword research.

It definitely is a value-filled eBook.

I recommend this eBook if you are new to keyword research and are hopping from one blog to another to clear your confusion.

If you decide to get this eBook, apply its teaching otherwise there is no point.

My Keyword Research Made Easy Bonuses

My Keyword Research Made Easy Bonuses

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  1. My Affiliate Marketing eBook – Affiliate That Sells [Cost: Rs 499/-]
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  4. How to Get Accepted in Affiliate Marketing Networks​ Pdf
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