Popular Blogs for College going Students

41 Best Blogs for College Students [2022]

This post on top blogs for college students highlights the best college blogs that would act as a guide for exploration.

College is a phase of life in which a student should explore and not be precarious.

It is the time when one should spend his/her energy on stuff they like or are fascinated by. I believe the following list of college blogs is going to help you during your college years.

Popular Blogs For College Students

Here is a curated list of college blogs on different topics.

Best Blogs for College Students

General and Lifestyle College Blogs


CampusGrotto is the best place on the internet for college students to find guides, tools and other resources on how to have a successful college life.

It is run by a team of awesome college bloggers.


CollegeCures is a college lifestyle blog where posts cover a range of topics like life in college, partying, health, finance, and more.

A good resource of knowledge.

College Subreddit

With 119k subscribers, this subreddit is chirping with useful QnAs from college students.

International Student Blog

Blogs for College Students -  International Student Blog

International Student Blog as the name suggests, is a blog catering to international students residing in different countries.

It provides resources, tools to help students feel comfortable and confident.


CollegeInfoGeek is a blog created by Thomas Frank ( 2013 Iowa State University Graduate).

On the blog, you’ll find a free ebook, podcast, youtube channel with over 1m subscribers, other resources for awesome college life.

According to Thomas, there are 3 main focus points at CollegeInfoGeek:

-Hack your learning and get smarter

-Promote yourself and get every job you want

-Pay off your debt and keep more dolla bills in the bank


Jessica Slaughter’s Blog

This is a personal blog by Jessica, where she posts tips on college, healthy living, and blogging among other posts.

She has joined Google as a Software Engineer.

Above all, She is a great blogger and her posts, especially on college life and tips, are exceptional.

A must-read blog for a college student.

Dorm Room Biz

Dorm Room Biz is a blog created by Chris in December 2005.

He blogs on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, small businesses, business ideas, etc.

This blog is a great place to feed your young mind on business-related posts.

Note: My friend Joy Miller has typed an informative article on Tips to Study Effectively. Do check out.

Productivity Blogs for College Students

Zen Habits

Zen Habits is a blog where posts are on purpose in life, finding peace, developing good habits that lead to overall productivity.

The blog offers a few training programs as well.

With a minimal design, the blog looks good and easy to read.

Cold Turkey

Blogs For College Students - ColdTurkey

Cold Turkey is an application for Mac and Windows.

It blocks websites and certain Windows applications of your choosing to help you be productive and focus on things that matter.

There are various settings.

For timers, creating lists of websites, weekly and daily schedule, creating exceptions, locking the whole computer for the set time among others.

A very helpful application if you are addicted to social media or Netflix.

Tips and Hacks Blogs for College Life and Beyond


LifeHacker is a very popular website where content on tips, how-tos, hacks is posted daily.

Student Hacks

Blogs For College Students - Student Hacks

Student Hacks is UK based blog on college life. It is a regularly updated blog with posts on hacks for food, money, job, study and college life.


Like LifeHacker, this website too compiles great content on life hacks. Plus they give out a free ebook on transforming life.

Fun and Humour Blog Sites for Students


Cracked.com is another popular humor website.

They also have a podcast network with 6 channels.

A great way to know how creative minds work behind the popular website.

It is one of the most popular blogs for college students with over 25m visits a month.


Blogs For College Students - Dorkly

Dorkly.com is part of the CollegeHumor Media.

The website especially covers movies, comics, video games, TV and more with a fun take on them.


eBaum’sWorld is one of the most visited websites in the US.

The website curates funny pictures, videos from around the web.

They let their users post articles on the website too.

Education Blogs for College Students

Study Hacks Blog

This is one of the best study blogs by Cal Newport, a computer science professor.

He has written 5 award-winning books.

One of which is titled – How to Win at College: Surprising Secrets for Success from the Country’s Top Students. A must-read.

This is a great blog to go through until the last post. Also, read the about section for a head start.


Blogs For College Students - Chegg

Chegg.com is a popular website for students.

It provides the ability to buy/rent/sell books, get help via tutor online, prepare for competitive tests online.

Also, get help with textbook questions from experts 24×7, apply for internships/jobs and explore and get scholarships too.

Career Blogs For College Students

College Recruiter

College Recruiter blog is updated daily with great content for college students. This one is a must-read.

Also, you can register and apply for internships and jobs.

LinkedIn Blog

LinkedIn needs no introduction.

And they also have a blog.

This blog should be bookmarked and read by every college student before applying for a job.


Blogs For College Students - InternQueen

InternQueen is a blog created by Lauren Berger.

She posts great and actionable content on getting that dream internship you are after.

She covers many topics related to the internship.

You can also find internship opportunities and apply to them on her blog. Which makes it one of the most popular blogs for college students.

Lindsey Pollak

This is a personal-branded blog by Lindsey Pollak.

She posts on entrepreneurship, leadership, future of work, freelancing, millennials, Generation Y and many other topics.

Among many professional roles, she has served as the Official LinkedIn Ambassador for a little over 6 years.

She has also written an award-winning book titled – Getting from College to Career Rev Ed: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World.


If your office is plagued by politics, then this blog would help big time.

You can write your office situation and get expert advice.

They have a book too, titled – Dear Office-Politics: the game everyone plays

Health and Fitness Blogs For College Students

Nerd Fitness

Blogs For College Students - NerdFitness

Nerd Fitness is a highly engaging workout blog. The blog is designed very well and one of the popular blogs for college students.

In their academy, they have gamified the workout routine, which looks awesome.

They also do provide a lot of free resources, an active community and the blog is regularly updated.

Highly recommended.

The Student Minds Blog

This is a UK based blog posting helpful content on students’ mental health and wellbeing.

This is a very nice place to share or even write for the blog with your experience and get like-minded students to read your challenges.

The main website of Student Minds is an active charity for student mental health in the UK.

If ever you feel alone or need to share, please get in touch and spend some time reading the amazing posts.

Travel Blogs For College Students


TheCollegeTourist is a blog where student travel bloggers post about their travel experience in different countries.

The content is very helpful if you are planning a trip.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a personal-branded blog on all things travel.

There is a whole lot of resource like communities, ebooks on different cities of the world, tips on how to travel the world cheap.

Matt has also written a New York Times Bestseller book titled – How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Do check the reviews, they are awesome.

It is one of the most popular blogs for college students.

It is highly suggested if you are planning a trip to check out this blog.

Science, Technology, and Gadgets Blogs For College Students

Kurzweil AI

Kurzweil AI is a blog by futurist Ray Kurzweil.

This is a fantastic blog for reading futuristic technologies, current advancements in science and tech and their applications.

Science News For Students

Blogs For College Students - Science News for Students

Apart from the news, this website has a collection of blogs.

The visuals are great and the science news content is fun to read and digest.


TechMeme is a popular technology news blog.

They also have a podcast – Techmeme Ride Home, which is updated daily and covers top tech stories of the day.

News, Current Events, and Popular Blogs For College Students

Vice News

Vice News gives a very new and different take on daily news than any mainstream news media.

It covers “under-reported stories” from all around the world.

It is one of the channels of Vice Media.

Note: Structurally it is a blog.


Blogs For College Students - Mashable

Mashable covers topics like culture, tech, entertainment, science and many more.

It is a fun way to read daily news on varied subjects.

Note: Structurally it is a blog.

College Candy

College Candy is a news blog for the young adult demographic.

College Blogs for Girls

College Fashion

College Fashion is one of the most popular fashion blogs for college females created by Zephyr Basine.

The blog is consistently updated with amazing content. Do check out.


HerCampus is a media brand for college-going girls.

They conduct events, have a dedicated shop, guides, and many more things.

The blog is updated regularly.

College Blogs for Boys


Blogs For College Students - BroBible

BroBible is a big blog for bros.

It covers topics like gear, style, culture, sports, fitness, and has got a cool shop too.

The articles are informative and entertaining.


Primer is a big and detailed blog for guys.

With great content, this blog might be the go-to place for a guy to invest his online time.

Blogs For College Sports Fans


Deadspin is a sports news blog with interesting coverage and commentary.


With over half a million monthly traffic, BustedCoverage is a popular sports news blog.

Personal Finance Blogs For College Students


Blogs For College Students - TeensGotCents

TeensGotCents is a blog created by Eva Baker.

It is a personal finance blog targeted towards (as you guessed) teenagers.

The blog posts some of the most unique content such as

How to get a Great Part-Time Job at a Trampoline Park,

Teen Backpack Business Opportunity,

Get Your Freshman Year For Free!, and many more.

For students starting college and otherwise, it is one of the best blogs to read on financial fixes and savings.

The College Investor

The College Investor is a personal finance and investing blog for young adults.

With great content, this blog is a must-read for a robust financial plan.

Did you find any blog which could help you in your college life while reading this post on Blogs for College Students?
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Above is the most thought after curated list of the most popular blogs for college students.

The compilation was based on the engagement and the monthly visits a particular blog receives from its audience.

Also, there are many opportunities these college blogs provide to their visitors.

Like, guest posting, jobs/internships, forums for getting help from experts and other peers, free courses, etc.

Do let me know in the comments if any of these college blogs helped you in some way.

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